How to make money online game gambling?

How to make money online game gambling?

“I don’t understand why gamers would keep praising our games and stuffing their money into our hands. This troubles me deeply.”

Xia Jiang nodded with a serious expression as she furiously took notes.

‘A designer who has stopped finding pleasure in the material world but has a greater desire for spirituality and mental strength.

‘A soul whose burdens do not ease off a single bit no matter how much he earns.

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‘He is satisfied with just a bit of material pleasure, but his thirst for spiritual and mental improvement is insatiable.

‘He never worries about his goals being unattainable. Instead, he keeps reflecting on himself.

“Have I not achieved that level of spiritual and mental strength?’ He often asks himself this.’

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After taking these down, Xia Jiang spoke again, “Boss Pei, you’ve already achieved such outstanding results. What’s your next

Pei Qian cleared his throat, his face a mask of seriousness. “My goal has never changed. My aim has always been to make a loss-incurring game.”

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Xia Jiang paused, nodded, and then started writing once again.

‘Was this because he had already won so much in life?’

‘Most designers spend their entire lives working towards creating a successful game. Yet, he secretly hopes for and seeks failure.

‘Perhaps victory is a bore to him now. Maybe one unexpected failure could provide him with more of a challenge.

‘He makes failure his goal and can put down what he takes up.

‘Many people work hard to succeed, but a rare few seek failure.