Add micro-signal released online

Add micro-signal released online

"MISS MAGGIE!" Instinctively his tongue went back to the old manner of address, but his hands still held her shoulders. "You don't mean—you can't mean that—that you didn't understand—that you DON'T understand that I am—Oh, good Heavens! Well, I have made a mess of it this time," he groaned. Releasing his hold on her shoulders, he turned and began to tramp up and down the room. "Nice little John-Alden-Miles-Standish affair this is now, upon my word! Miss Maggie, have I got to—to propose to you all over again for—for another man, now?"

"For—ANOTHER MAN! I—I don't think I understand you." Miss Maggie had grown a little white.

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"Then you don't know—you didn't understand a few minutes ago, when

I—I spoke first, when I asked you about—about those twenty millions—"

She lifted her hand quickly, pleadingly.

"Mr. Smith, please, don't let's bring money into it at all. I don't care—I don't care a bit if you haven't got any money."

Mr. Smith's jaw dropped.

"If I HAVEN'T got any money!" he ejaculated stupidly.

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"No! Oh, yes, I know, I said I loved money." The rich red came back to her face in a flood. "But I didn't mean—And it's just as much of a test and an opportunity when you DON'T have money—more so, if anything. I didn't mean it—that way. I never thought of—of how you might take it—as if I WANTED it. I don't. Indeed, I don't! Oh, can't you—understand?"

"Understand! Good Heavens!" Mr. Smith threw up both his hands. "And I thought I'd given myself away! Miss Maggie." He came to her and stood close, but he did not offer to touch her. "I thought, after I'd said what I did about—about those twenty millions that you understood—that you knew I was—Stanley Fulton himself."

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"That you were—who?" Miss Maggie stood motionless, her eyes looking straight into his, amazed incredulous.

"Stanley Fulton. I am Stanley Fulton. My God! Maggie, don't look at me like that. I thought—I told you. Indeed, I did!"

She was backing away now, slowly, step by step. Anger, almost loathing, had taken the place of the amazement and incredulity in her eyes.