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“Or is it an attempt to hide some form of complex? For example, if you wear glasses, you come across as an intellectual, right?”

“That’s true. People do look smarter when they wear glasses.”

“In Sakura’s case, it may be that she doesn’t want people to see the real her, so she hides behind glasses. It doesn’t seem like she simply doesn’t like interacting with people either. Her posture is always stooped down low and she never looks other people in the eye.”

It feels like there’s something hidden within her, just beyond the wall.

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“Sure enough, bringing Ayanokouji-kun along today was the right choice after all. I always feel like you’re skillfully looking into other people.”

…That’s a little embarrassing.

The reason why interactions with Kushida move along so easily is because she skillfully guides the conversation along in a natural manner.

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For those unable to walk that path, such as me, she steps up and shortens the distance so that they can get to a place where it’s easier for them.

“After that-”

While Kushida was gently leading the conversation, another call came in on my cell phone.

I just need to confirm the caller ID in way that Kushida wouldn’t notice. If it’s Ike or Yamauchi, I’ll just put them off, but if it’s Horikita… that, I’d need to think about that. Ah, so it’s who I thought it was after all…

The name shown on the display was ‘Sakura’.

“Sorry Kushida, can I call you back in a bit?”

“Ah, sure. Sorry for talking for so long.”

With vestiges of regret, I ended my call with Kushida. I answered Sakura’s call before it had the chance to go to voicemail.

The line was silent after I answered the call, but it only lasted for a few seconds.

“Um… This is Sakura…”

“Ayanokouji speaking.”