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However, Pei Qian had to clean up this mess!

He felt very unbalanced, but he had no choice.

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After all, this had nothing to do with Meng Chang.

In Pei Qian’s opinion, Meng Chang also seriously wanted the reverse publicity plan. What’s more, it had indeed achieved a very good effect.

The last twist… who should he blame?

The main culprit must be this Young Master Tian!

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It was probably Pei Qian’s bad luck that he was the one to blame… After all, Pei Qian had been the one to decide on the arrangements of Dawn Games platform. If not for these rules, Young Master Tian probably would not have made such a crooked interpretation.

No matter what, it was difficult to push the blame to Meng Chang.

Pei Qian sighed inwardly, not wanting to appear too abnormal. However, his expression was still a little dark.

Meng Chang keenly noticed Boss Pei’s expression and his heart skipped a beat.

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Could it be that Boss Pei was not satisfied with my last step?

The last time Meng Chang saw Boss Pei was last Friday. At that time, the preparatory work for the publicity plan had been completed. There was only one last step.

This weekend, Meng Chang released the video as Young Master Tian, causing the popularity to explode.

The weekend had passed. Boss Pei must have seen this last step.

Meng Chang was originally gloating and felt that he had done a perfect job of the Pei family’s publicity method.

However, looking at Boss Pei’s expression now, he seemed to be very satisfied with his previous steps, but not very satisfied with this last step?

Did that mean that he was actually not good at learning and was happy too early?

Meng Chang quickly asked, “Boss Pei, is there any flaw in Dawn Games platform’ publicity plan?”