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“Well, if you say so, perhaps it’s really the case. …Sigh, forever, let’s get this over with, Amanocchi. I want to take this wrapping paper ring off as soon as possible.”

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“That’s my line. I want to wipe off the grease…”

I feel like my middle finger is getting all sticky. Also, as a seriously-raised child, I’m really guilty about playing with my food. So, all I want right now is to take off this onion ring. Can someone just type, “The behind-the-scene staff enjoyed it.” during the credits scene!? I can’t take this anymore!

“Well, let’s start, Amanocchi. …Well, get your pinky out.”

“Ah, that’s nice. It feels like a serious oath.”

Both of us put our hands with the worst rings possible onto the table. Then, our pinky fingers are hooked together.


W-What’s with this awkward atmosphere? It’s a bit too much to not say anything. Anyway, I’ll play the priest and say something oath-like.

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“Well, will you promise to love here, eat here, get comfort here, help here, no matter whether you’re healthy, sick, …rich, poor, during a game release day, or during an important TV show?”

“I refuse. I’ll never come here when I’m sick or poor.”

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I was rejected casually. This feels strange. I’ve never seen a rejection during an oath. …Sigh.

“…Well, can you swear that you’ll come here during your spare time?”

“This oath is really casual. But, if that’s the case, …very well, I’ll do it.”

“Very well. Now, let’s do an oath-“

“O-Oath what?”

Aguri-san blushed slightly and looked at me. Her face is written with nervousness.

Looking at her, I continued.

“Oath’s- yearly tribune.”