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Or rather, it may be necessary to ensure the child’s mood never sullies, so I considered magic from the Great Demon Kings repertoire.

I gave my utmost to acclimate to the child’s life, listening in on human school classes for the first time, and observing the lives of human students. All was fresh.

And, as we continued our shared existence, I gradually came to understand the child.

A boy who grew up spoiled by a wealthy family without any inconvenience. However, it was also a rebellious period peculiar to puberty.

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And, in the case of the child, it was not only defiance.

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After learning about the existence of the [Graduation Commemorative Match], I came to understand his situation clearly.

─ …… For the time being, I’m preparing myself for the humiliation.

Tis much too lax, such lack of motivation, the extent of such slovenly attitude.

Tis why I immediately understood.

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That the child has a complex with his great parents.

Thinking back on it, tis a natural story.

The existence that overthrew me and changed the history of the world. A child born of such parents, the expectations and pressures he would have been under.

Even more, tis a peaceful world now. Unlike the days of war, which afforded many opportunities to raise one’s name, it was cruel to have in mere students the same expectations as heroes.

However, such a thing does not matter to those around him. As the child is the son of Hiro, no matter what he does, he can only be seen through rose-colored glasses.

Despite knowing full well of the child’s feelings, I chose to make a mockery of him for a moment. But in your heart… you want to get back at your father. You want to get back at the world. Is that not so? But I also understand that you lack the talent to do so.And.

However, the child was pushed too far and had many rebuttals, I got much too heated and retorted.

From there, it devolved to an argument exchanging one statement for another. In retrospect, I once engaged in verbal battle with Hiro, but it involved conflicting subjects such as “World”, “Humanity”, “Demon”, “Future” and so on. It was like a quarrel between young children.

And the child said, ‘You actually weren’t that strong, were you?’. With that he said too much, and involuntarily I responded.

— You shall take my place, wielding the power of the Great Demon King! And thus, be witness to my greatness as you blossom!