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That was the conclusion I reached after connecting the dots from the information I acquired from Kei, Ichinose and Asahina.

The miraculous harmony between Nagumo and Ishikura from Class B of the 3rd years clearly hinted at the connection between the two.

Nagumo's taken under his wing not just the entirety of the 2nd years but also the non-Class A 3rd years.

"The large groups all colluded together to come up with low scores and the members of the group that Tachibana belonged to must have been considerably holding back as well. By doing so, it's an easy task to delineate the border".

Was how I explained it but it seems like there's still something Kei isn't convinced of.

"But why did you use Class B? Even though it'd have been perfectly fine to have a student from Class D be the leader. Because you used Class B, ultimately Horikita-senpai's still Class A right? If you wanted to drag him down to Class B isn't that what you should have done?".

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Kei's viewpoint is a good one. Certainly, that's exactly right.

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If I'm going to carry out this strategy with resolve then I should have had the leader be a student from Class D and lessened the gap between Class A and Class B that way. Is what I'd have considered normally.

"It's precisely because it's Class B that this was possible. If Tachibana were to complete the special exam's assignments flawlessly then it wouldn't be a simple task dragging her down. Unless the other three classes, excluding A, join hands, it's not a viable trap. Consider Class D, who's probability of making it to Class A is the lowest one at the moment, in order to ascend even by one class they may decide, at the very last moment, to drag down students from Class C or Class B. But if a student from Class B were to become the leader, that absolutely won't be the case. Because it would be pointless to drag down students from a lower class at a time like this".

On the other hand, looking at it from Class D or Class C's perspective, if it would result in the students from Class A and Class B being expelled and them crumbling down, then naturally they'd happily cooperate.

And Ikari's group, sharing a mutual destination, thoroughly laid the blame on Tachibana.

If anything happened, they probably harassed her maliciously. Tachibana was left unable to sleep at night from the commotion.

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As a result of obeying Tachibana's instructions, their grades did not improve. If you look only at the results of the special exam, despite it being mediocre, if they can frame her as having pulled their leg for the entire week then that'll be more than enough to drag her down.

If there were pleas, then they would deliberate but if the entire small group collude together to assert that she had obstructed them in places where no one would see then there'd be no choice but to recognize that.

Of course, it would set a malicious precedent but the outdoor school's special exam that will be taking place in a few years time should have some amendments made to its rules anyways.

And just like that, Nagumo's elaborate strategy ensared her and succeeded in carrying out measures towards Tachibana's expulsion.

"......but, like, how could he even come up with a strategy like this. If I were a Class B student, I absolutely wouldn't be able to stand being expelled for the sake of my comrades. Where's the reward in that?".

"I don't know what exactly the reward is but at the very least, Ikari won't be expelled".