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Both of them were filled with smiles... as well as infinite expectations for the future.

January 22nd, Saturday...

Pei Qian was in a good mood last night. Moreover, he had a little wine with Cui Geng at the Ming House so he slept very well.

He woke up naturally at nine in the morning.

He glanced at his phone after he woke up. There was a memo on it. “Go to Huanyu Tianjie and take a look at the shared phone booth.”

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Pei Qian took his time, preparing to head to the steamed bun shop downstairs for breakfast before heading over.

Pei Qian received another news when the steamed buns were brought out. Huang Sibo, “Boss Pei, the rough cut of the film is out. Would you like to take a look?”

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Hmm? Rough cut?

Director Zhu Xiaoce did seem to mention this when the crew was eating at Ming Yun Private Kitchen. The so-called rough cut version was just a product of simple editing with the material that was shot. There would be no special effects yet, and one had to be imaginative with a lot of the content.

However, it was still a complete film in which you could see something.

Pei Qian considered it. It seemed like this was more important. He could go to the phone booth in the afternoon. He then replied, “Okay, I’ll be there soon.”

He was about to keep his phone when he realized something was wrong.