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Even though these pranks are annoying, my personality still thinks, “it would be sorry for the person waiting for me if it’s real.” There’s a 90%!c(MISSING)hance that this is a trap. But I’ll still go with it knowing that it’ll probably hurt my heart! Ah, sheesh, this is annoying.

However, even if I said that Keita Amano’s still Keita Amano. Keita Amano already understood after what happened to Main-san. Honestly, I didn’t improve by one bit. So, …there’s only one thing I can do.


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I made up my mind and pulled the letter out of the box. After that, I unfolded the paper and looked at the text.

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< To Keita: >

“Wow, you’re calling my name right away?”

I started complaining in detail as if a mental barrier has just been constructed in my heart.

< By the time you read this letter, I’ve already passed on from this world. >

“Uwah, what a sudden death. You’re watching too many dramas-“

< It’s because the evolution of VR is too incredible. >

“Aren’t you just running home to play VR games!? >

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< Ah, speaking of VR, Keita, did you play < Shoot Hearts > as well? That’s a hidden gem! After all, the developers are from that famous- >

“Why did you just start going off-topic and talk about VR!?”

I heard that phishing letters these days are written pretty well, but I didn’t expect they can attract a game lover like me to this point.

I admired the person for a bit with some excitement as I read her VR games recommendation. However, the author seems to have realized it midway and changed the topic.

< I’m sorry. I think I went off-track. Now that I’m looking, what I wrote doesn’t really make sense. >

“You know it.”