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how to make money on your phone

Pei Qian’s heart nearly dropped.

He might have given Fei Huang Workspace Shock Therapy, but the payment for the movie box office was not resolved!

Another 70 million yuan were added to the company’s account in that instant.

Pei Qian felt the burden on his shoulders becoming heavy once again.

This Fei Huang Workspace only knew how to make trouble for me!

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Pei Qian felt pissed off even though he knew this amount of funds would arrive in his account. It was three days early. He pretended not to see it and put his cell phone back into his pocket.

“D*mn Huang Sibo. Nothing good comes out of him coming for me! I’m going to ignore him. Hmph, fortunately, I’ve already made arrangements for this amount of money.

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“Otherwise, I’ll really suffer.”

Pei Qian decided to head out tomorrow to settle the money at the speed of light. He would not be bothered if he could not see it!

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Huang Sibo looked at his cell phone after half an hour. Boss Pei had yet to reply.

“Sigh, Boss Pei seems to be busy again.”

Huang Sibo was a little disappointed. He wanted to give Boss Pei a simple report on the arrangements for study when Boss Pei replied. However, Huang Sibo kept these words in his heart seeing how Boss Pei did not reply to him.

Huang Sibo changed his mind again after thinking about it calmly for half an hour.

He felt that he should not report such a matter.

An ordinary boss would only react in two ways if he knew that his employees were taking lessons and improving themselves. First, he must not have enough to do since he had so much free time; second, he wanted to jump to other companies.