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"Run for a cab," he said: 'I'll be ready in a moment."He was ready, in fact, when the old servant returned; and, as hehad in his pocket some of those arguments that lend wings to thepoorest cab-horses, in less than ten minutes he had reached theHotel des Folies.

"How is Mlle. Lucienne?" he inquired first of all of the worthyhostess.

The intervention of the commissary of police had made M. Fortin andhis wife more supple than gloves, and more gentle than doves.

"The poor dear child is much better," answered Mme. Fortin; "andthe doctor, who has just left, now feels sure of her recovery. Butthere is a row up there.""A row?""Yes. That lady whom my husband went after last night insists upongoing out; and M. Maxence won't let her: so that they are quarrelingup there. Just listen."The loud noise of a violent altercation could be heard distinctly.

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M. de Tregars started up stairs, and on the second-story landing hefound Maxence holding on obstinately to the railing, whilst Mme.

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Zelie Cadelle, redder than a peony, was trying to induce him to lether pass, treating him at the same time to some of the choicestepithets of her well-stocked repertory. Catching sight of Marius,"Is it you," she cried, "who gave orders to keep me here against mywishes? By what right? Am I your prisoner?"To irritate her would have been imprudent.

"Why did you wish to leave," said M. de Tregars gently, "at the verymoment when you knew that I was to call for you?"But she interrupted him, and, shrugging her shoulders,"Why don't you tell the truth?" she said. "You were afraid totrust me.""Oh!""You are wrong! What I promise to do I do. I only wanted to gohome to dress. Can I go in the street in this costume?"And she was spreading out her wrapper, all faded and stained.

"I have a carriage below," said Marius. "No one will see us.

Doubtless she understood that it was useless to hesitate.

"As you please," she said.

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M. de Tregars took Maxence aside, and in a hurried whisper,"You must," said he, "go at once to the Rue St. Gilles, and in myname request your sister to accompany you. You will take a closedcarriage, and you'll go and wait in the Rue St. Lazare, oppositeNo.25. It may be that Mlle. Gilberte's assistance will becomeindispensable to me. And, as Lucienne must not be left alone, youwill request Mme. Fortin to go and stay with her."And, without waiting for an answer,"Let us go," he said to Mme. Cadelle.

They started but the young woman was far from being in her usualspirits. It was clear that she was regretting bitterly having goneso far, and not having been able to get away at the last moment.

As the carriage went on, she became paler and a frown appeared uponher face.

"No matter," she began: "it's a nasty thing I am doing there.""Do you repent then, assisting me to punish your friend's assassins?"said M. de Tregars.

She shook her head.

"I know very well that old Vincent is a scoundrel," she said; "buthe had trusted me, and I am betraying him.""You are mistaken, madame. To furnish me the means of speaking toM. Favoral is not to betray him; and I shall do every thing in mypower to enable him to escape the police, and make his way abroad.""What a joke!""It is the exact truth: I give you my word of honor." She seemedto feel easier; and, when the carriage turned into the Rue St.