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――As the son of the hero who saved the world, isn’t it embarrassing?

“Shut up!”

――No matter how much of a prodigy the princess is, it’s pathetic that the son of a hero can’t win even once.

“Shut uup!”

――Oh my, the mental spirit of a slime as usual. I believe today should be a mock battle as well as the announcement of the written test results.... Did you lose to the princess?

“Shuut uup!”

――Earth’s going to come out, too, right? But maybe we’re already... I might be as good if not better than Earth or the princess.

“Shuut uuup!”

――I’m sorry, but be prepared. We’ve gone through a real battle and we’re already leagues ahead of you.

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“Shuut uuuup!”

――Such a technique... that’s... it’s not a skill used by warriors!

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“Shuuut uuuuup!”

A bunch of words that have been thrown at me until yesterday came to mind.

I became Tre’ainar’s disciple and became stronger in order to revoke all the words that had been said by my childhood friends, by the world, by my first love, by my parents, all the words that had been said before.