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Also, more importantly, …even if Amano-senpai is just temporarily single after that, onee-chan would love to see that, right. Of course, I plan to rob him away.

Yes, there’s nothing wrong with this, …exactly. So, you should just say it, Konoha Hoshinomori!

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I made up my mind and puffed up my chest.

I faced Karen Tendou’s eyes that are sparkling with fear.

I smiled, honestly.

And followed the sincere desire that’s boiling in my heart-

-I answered.

“Of course, Amano-senpai…will always love you, Tendou-senpai.”


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10 minutes after the decisive encounter, I saw Tendou-senpai, who felt much better, going home before putting my fingers on the dating sim shelf. Then, I plopped my head and let out the loudest sigh possible.

(Why! Why didn’t I lie to her! Am I an idiot? Do I want to die? Am I chickening out? Hypocrisy? Anyway, screw that Konoha Hoshinomori 10 minutes ago!)

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Even though it was my own decision, right now, I don’t understand why I did that at all.

(I feel like I did it based on some kind of beliefs…)

However, I don’t remember what I was thinking back then. I feel like that’s something even I can’t translate the idea into words 10 minutes ago.

(I wasted the chance for onee-chan and I to find our love for that kind of motive, …I’m really messed up…)

I sighed again as I dazedly opened my eyes. So, I saw the package of Golden Memories 2 on the shelf in front of me.


I left the shelf and subconsciously grabbed the box before checking on it again.