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「Uh, Cloud Style – Cirrocumulus!」

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I aimed for the gap right when the attack was about to land, and instantly unleashed four slashes which have a short launch time.

However, Zack’s sword was not weak enough to be outstripped by a makeshift attack unleashed from a disadvantageous position.

(What power…!?)

My four slashes were quickly broken.

I desperately twisted my body in an attempt to avoid it.

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Two slashes hit my right shoulder and left leg. Sharp pain of flesh being cut and dull burning pain ran at the same time.

While enduring it, I leapt back and attempted to reorganise.

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(…Fortunately, the wound is not that deep.)

It will have no impact on the continuation of the battle.

(The problem is, how do I『break it』after all…)

Zack’s stance was the same as mine, Seigan no Kamae.