It's really not worth a lot of money online.

It's really not worth a lot of money online.

This article was a perfect last hit.

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The chat history that was released was not realistic. The Cold-Faced Lady could say that it had been smeared by its competitor. However, this article was written very carefully, pointing out a few fatal problems of the Cold-Faced Lady.

The most terrible thing was this sentence: Perhaps in the eyes of other geniuses like Boss Pei, Meng Chang’s thinking was as simple as white paper.

Obviously, it was referring to Boss Pei selling the shares of the Cold-Faced Lady twice previously!

Everyone knew that Boss Pei’s rate of success in investment was extremely high. Boss Pei had sold his shares twice in a row. That must be because Boss Pei thought that there was a huge problem with the Cold-Faced Lady model!

Thus, there were a lot of doubts.

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On the other hand, Cold-Faced Lady immediately refuted the rumors, saying that the company’s capital chain was healthy, the financing was smooth, and there were no problems with daily operations, asking everyone not to believe in the rumors.

However, the debate about the Cold-Faced Lady’s business model had begun once again.

Many news websites that had reposted this news, as well as various major forums, had netizens discussing intensely.

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Some people felt that the Cold-Faced Lady was just bragging to begin with, so it was not strange for it to fail.

Some people felt that the Cold-Faced Lady’s situation was very good. The media was playing to the gallery and deceiving the viewers.

There were also people who felt that Meng Chang liked marketing so much. This was most likely a case of self-mockery and working with the media to generate popularity.

All in all, there were many different opinions. However, there were more and more doubts about the Cold-Faced Lady.

Pei Qian was speechless and conflicted as he read the comments online.

Obviously, many people knew about Dream Realization Ventures’ sale of Cold-Faced Lady’s shares. They thought that this was a clear signal: Cold-Faced Lady would die sooner or later if Boss Pei did not think highly of it.