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Failing to look cool in front of Sakura, Yamauchi, felt more flustered than usual, now goes to search for Mrs. Chabashira.

He should think more clearly about the obvious matter. I crouched down trying to rearrange the branches with my hands.

“Why we cannot light a fire?”

This moment, another figure crouched down beside me looking with wonder the burned traces of our efforts.

“I thought that it would be easy, since we used wood, but compared to my imagination, starting a fire in real life is far harder.”

I could not comprehend the meaning of Sakura’s words, so I just nodded in agreement, pretending that I heard of what she said.

“The bonfires that we see in movies or in dramas are huge with lots of piles of branches, so we take this as reality. We stayed close to this image and we went to gather branches, however, why we couldn’t start a fire with our great skills?

We folded the thin branches into one pile.

“It feels like this time we should attach the stick from the side of the thin branches, since there are many branches that are damp, too.”

The amateur wondered if it was a reckless act, setting fire to wet branches. Well it seemed like the fire didn’t spread widely even though Yamauchi used dozens of matches.

“It’s a little troublesome, but we need to go again in the forest to pick up thin and dry branches and highly inflammable leaves…”

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“Huh, what are you guys doing in such a place!”

While we went through a trial and error process, Ike, who we’d thought had gone swimming, came back.

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“Now, we’re a bit in the middle of a preliminary drill of the bonfire. We’re struggling and we’ve been unlucky until now.”

“Bonfire, you say? You won’t ever set a fire going with those thick branches. Aren’t thin branches necessary, at the beginning? The branches that you bring mustn’t be thick. There are also wet branches here. It’s a complete NO for those too. You’re all so lame!”

“Ah, but actually Ayanokouji-kun…”