Do you have money on both part-time write novels?

Do you have money on both part-time write novels?

And letting me have the first turn was part of the strategy.

In the first game, some cards will be opened up.

The cards which form a pair, she will casually slip into the bottom of the deck

Then the president prepared two more different cheats.

『False Shuffle』which does not change the order of the cards, but simply makes the deck look like it was shuffled.

『Bottom Deal』which pretends to give out the top card but distributes the bottom card.

(I’m sure she has been practicing a lot for this day.)

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She executed two very high level cheats.

Normally, even one pair is difficult to get in a deck of『stacking』.

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But a combo of『False Shuffle』and『Bottom Deal』will guarantee the president a hand of more than one pair.

(It’s a great strategy that’s plain but carries less risk of failure…)

If I had faced her squarely, 9 out of 10 times will end in the president’s victory.

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But her strategy collapsed easily with one move from me.

Yes, it was the riffle shuffle.