best money making ideas

best money making ideas

“Should I make a trip to Dream Realization Ventures?”

Pei Qian felt terrible at the thought of earning money again.

There were still two months to settlement but these two downloadable content would continue to make money.

What should he do with this sum of money? He had to plan ahead.

After some thought, Pei Qian decided to make a trip to Dream Realization Ventures.

He should be able to roughly determine if the first batch of companies that he had invested in were going to be profitable or not. He should sell those that were profitable quickly, and he should invest more in those that were not profitable. That way he should be able to spend all this unexpected wealth.

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Dream Realization Ventures, conference room.

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He Desheng began to report the first round of investments to Boss Pei.

“Boss Pei, we have invested in a total of 11 companies. Two of them are profitable, one of them is showing obvious signs of profit. Three of them are quite popular and have attracted the attention of other investors. The remaining five companies are still quiet. However, there is still a lot of money in the company’s accounts. We are not short of money for now.”

“These are the details of each company. Please take a look.”

Pei Qian reached out to take the documents and realized that they were filled with complicated financial reports. He could not help but feel an impending headache.

He put the information aside. “I don’t read these things. Just follow my previous rules. Sell those that are already profitable immediately. Don’t invest anymore in those that are showing signs of profit. Sell them when they are profitable as well. Keep observing those that are not profitable. Keep investing in those that have spent all their money.”

“Invest the money that you gained from the sale directly into the companies that are in the order of the queue. We can also retract the finance personnel that we sent out and send them out again to take charge of the other companies.”

He Desheng hesitated for a moment. “Boss Pei... what if we use the money earned from selling those profitable companies to invest in the companies in the queue and these companies lose money?”