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Every morning, as soon as she was up, Mlle. Lucienne came to knockat his door. "Come, get up!" she cried to him.

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And quick he jumped out of bed and dressed, so that he might bidher good-morning before she left.

In the evening, the last mouthful of his dinner was hardly swallowed,before he began copying the documents which he procured from M.

Chapelain's successor.

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And often he worked quite late in the night whilst by his side Mlle.

Lucienne applied herself to some work of embroidery.

The girl was the cashier of the association; and she administeredthe common capital with such skillful and such scrupulous economy,that Maxence soon succeeded in paying off his creditors.

"Do you know," she was saying at the end of December, "that, betweenus, we have earned over six hundred francs this month?"On Sundays only, after a week of which not a minute had been lost,they indulged in some little recreation.

If the weather was not too bad, they went out together, dined insome modest restaurant, and finished the day at the theatre.

Having thus a common existence, both young, free, and having theirrooms divided only by a narrow passage it was difficult that peopleshould believe in the innocence of their intercourse. Theproprietors of the Hotel des Folies believed nothing of the kind;and they were not alone in that opinion.

Mlle. Lucienne having continued to show herself in the Bois on theafternoons when the weather was fine, the number of fools who annoyedher with their attentions had greatly increased. Among the mostobstinate could be numbered M. Costeclar, who was pleased todeclare, upon his word of honor, that he had lost his sleep, andhis taste for business, since the day when, together with M. SaintPavin, he had first seen Mlle. Lucienne.

The efforts of his valet, and the letters which he had written,having proved useless, M. Costeclar had made up his mind to act inperson; and gallantly he had come to put himself on guard in frontof the Hotel des Folies.

Great was his surprise, when he saw Mlle. Lucienne coming out armin arm with Maxence; and greater still was his spite.

"That girl is a fool," he thought, "to prefer to me a fellow whohas not two hundred francs a month to spend. But never mind! Helaughs best who laughs last."And, as he was a man fertile in expedients, he went the next dayto take a walk in the neighborhood of the Mutual Credit; and, havingmet M. Favoral by chance, he told him how his son Maxence was ruininghimself for a young lady whose toilets were a scandal, insinuatingdelicately that it was his duty, as the head of the family, to put astop to such a thing.

This was precisely the time when Maxence was endeavoring to obtaina situation in the office of the Mutual Credit.

It is true that the idea was not original with him, and that he hadeven vehemently rejected it, when, for the first time, Mlle.

Lucienne had suggested it.

"What!" had he exclaimed, "be employed in the same establishment asmy father? Suffer at the office the same intolerable despotism asat home? I'd rather break stones on the roads."But Mlle. Lucienne was not the girl to give up so easily a projectconceived and carefully matured by herself.