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While the heads of the various departments were usually in contact, they were all rather busy. There were not many opportunities for them to gather together for a meal.

There was no competition between the departments, and there was not much work pressure. Most of the people in charge knew each other and were good friends. Thus, the atmosphere was very harmonious.

There were also other people in charge who did not come, such as Qiu Hong. He was still busy preparing the incubation base for the ‘Destitution Plan’ in Beijing.

Some of the new department heads did not have much interaction with the more senior department heads. Liang Qingfan, for example, used this opportunity to get to know the other department heads.

Soon, Boss Pei arrived. Everyone took their seats and chatted as they ate.

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As Pei Qian ate, he looked at the twenty-odd department heads in front of him, feeling inexplicably melancholic.

How did Tengda manage to develop so many departments out of nowhere?!

What’s more, these were all top-tier departments within Tengda Corporation. The companies that they had invested in were not amongst them. There were already so many people.

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Initially, he had only wanted to incur losses. However, he did not expect the goal of incurring losses would get further away from him as he opened more departments.

How melancholic!

Pei Qian felt that it was about time after eating for a while.

Thus, he gently knocked on the table, gesturing for everyone to quiet down.

The people-in-charge immediately stopped discussing and looked over with a serious expression when they saw that Boss Pei was about to speak.

Everyone had a fresh face of hopefulness.