How to pick up your advertisement?

How to pick up your advertisement?

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Huang Sibo was baffled in Fei Huang Workspace.

Hu Xianbin was with him, just as baffled.

They could not find a reason!

Boss Pei left after giving them the task of the new game. The two of them had been thinking about it since yesterday, but nothing came out from it.

There were some ideas, but they were not sure if that was what Boss Pei always wanted.

It had to be said that the difficulty of the mission from Boss Pei was simply too high, higher than any previous ones. It was completely difficult to rely on the strength of one or two people.

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The reason why Hu Xianbin was there was that the game had to be produced together with the movie plot even though they were to be completed separately.

If there was no good communication and they were to work on their tasks individually, it would definitely not be able to succeed.

Huang Sibo looked at his watch. “They should be here soon.”

He heard many people laughing outside Fei Huang Workspace as soon as he ended his sentence.

Huang Sibo’s eyes brightened up. Rescue was here!

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The lineup this time was extremely luxurious.