How to publish novels to online

How to publish novels to online

Moreover, the film ‘Flying Star Journey’ was based on a classic science fiction novel published in 1911 in the United States. This year marked the 100th anniversary of the original novel. The total investment in the film exceeded 170 million US dollars. Well-known celebrities were cast in the show.

The male protagonist John Stanton worked hard to complete very rigorous physical training during the filming. He lost a full 25 pounds while enduring the pain of injury to complete the filming. He was a role model of professionalism.

In short, Pei Qian felt instant relief as he looked at the information of this film thoroughly.

That was the standard United States blockbuster template model!

Look at this luxurious line-up, the generous investment, famous director, top actors, and the great script. It would probably make 600 to 700 million US dollars with no problem at all once it broadcasts all over the world?

Getting a box office of 500 to 600 million yuan in China would also be easy for them.

Moreover, Pei Qian estimated it very pessimistically. Based on the investment of 170 million US dollars, a global box office of 500 to 600 million US dollars would only break even.

It should have at least 1 billion US dollars if it was popular!

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When the time comes, the major theaters will be struggling to line up this movie and squeeze out Tomorrow is Beautiful. Wouldn’t this be a piece of cake?

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At present, 31.4%!o(MISSING)f the theater space was scheduled for its launch date. This line-up would definitely rise if this trend were to continue!

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Moreover, the schedule for Tomorrow is Beautiful had fallen to less than 15%!<(MISSING)/p>

The only pity Pei Qian felt was that this film did not release half a month earlier. It would have been the best if it was released together with Tomorrow is Beautiful!

However, it was never too late, it could at least help Pei Qian earn less money afterward!

Pei Qian was elated as he thought of this scenario.

March 12th, Saturday...