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“That sounds…… scary…”

『Well, I believe tis also an experience. No matter how hard the fight or battle may be, the world cannot easily be crossed. You should learn to appreciate that in your own way.』

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I felt Tre’ainar had a point, so I nodded in agreement… that said, it’s the reality, I have to see people better, then understand their hearts and accept them. Well, not only Mr. Aka, but also Tre’ainar is an exception……

“Okay, I’ve answered the exchange diary, as much as I can for now… Let’s see. I suppose I’ll leave it here. And… 「Rice balls and fried egg, it was so delicious, thank you」… And that’s good.”

I keep only the exchange diary and the letter and put them where the rice ball was dropped.

“Well…… in which case, let’s go straight to Cantidan.”

And a few hours later, I finally arrived at the foot of the mountain and set foot in the town of Cantidan. Immediately……

Author’s Note

I’ve updated it, but…… Actually, I’m not in Japan yet. It’s just that I’m alive. I’m doing it energetically and happily. I didn’t wear any clothes, so my whole body turned black.

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[S1] So, MC can rant too. I’m still waiting to have all this thrown at her face.

[S2] Pfft!!

Translated by: Sads07

It took a while, but I finally reached the foot of the mountain.

It’s within Imperial territory, but the town spread out in my field of view is a new land that I’ve never been to before.

It’s the commercial town, Cantidan.

There are no tall buildings like the Imperial City, but there are tents on the left and right of the city streets, many stalls with sheets spread out on the floor and products lined up, and many people flocked into the town.

“Come on, come on! Today’s goods are here! Here I have a [Hermes Bag] as worn by the upper class ladies of the Imperial City! This bag, which usually goes for a million Madka, is a super bargain cause I got it straight from the maker! How about half price at 500,000 Madka!”