What kind of professional make money on the Internet at night?

What kind of professional make money on the Internet at night?

However, looking at their explanation of this option, Pei Qian could not help but frown.

“The Tengda spirit is to not work overtime therefore, I’ll not work overtime.”

“It’s impossible for the supervisor to request us to work overtime. Therefore, the option of ‘arguing rationally’ is not valid. The department will automatically knock off and lock the door. We can only wait until tomorrow.”

“If you don’t have a slot for overtime, you won’t be able to work over time even if you want to.”

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“Resting is for better work. If working overtime affects my rest today, my work efficiency will decrease tomorrow, and I will fall into a vicious cycle. Rest well today to be able to finish all my work efficiently tomorrow.”

“An outstanding employee of Tengda should not have to work overtime to complete his work. If that happens, he should first consider whether he is too inefficient and work hard to improve efficiency. He should not use his tactical diligence to cover up his laziness.”

“The Tengda spirit has said before that we have to strike a balance between work and rest and have a long-term goal. There’s no need to be in a hurry if it isn’t a pressing issue. As long as it doesn’t affect our work schedule, there’s no need for us to work overtime. What’s more, Tengda doesn’t support this.”

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After reading these explanations, many question marks floated above Pei Qian’s head.

There were some explanations that seemed like they understood the Tengda spirit, but on closer inspection, it did not seem to be accurate!

While the thought of ‘no one is working overtime, so I’m not working overtime’, meant that ‘no overtime’ had become a trend within Tengda, if one dug deeper into the foundation of this trend, they would find that it was completely different from Pei Qian’s original idea!

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The reason why most people chose not to work overtime was because they felt that compared to working overtime, they should work more efficiently. Taking a break was for the sake of more efficient work.

That way, whether they worked overtime or not, they would be able to fully utilize their working capabilities!

Many companies required their employees to work overtime without overtime pay in accordance to the 996 working hour system.[1.’996 working hour system’ is a work schedule commonly practiced by some companies in China, requiring employees to work from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm for 6 days per week.]However, regardless of whether the employees were slacking or being passive because of fatigue, the efficiency of most employees in this 996 working hour system would be greatly reduced. It would be good enough if they could work at fifty to sixty percent efficiency.

Tengda,however, was the exact opposite. Overtime was strictly prohibited, and the 996 working hour system was not allowed. Employees’ enthusiasm for work had been fully stimulated. Some of them were even encouraged and motivated mentally. Their working conditions were off the charts, and their efficiency was greatly improved.

In that case, Tengda’s working model might be much better than the companies that adopted the 996 working hour system!