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There was a reason why I suspected this.

Even though my expulsion was the primary objective for the White Room student, there would probably be more to it for them than that. They would surely look to make contact with me up close, interested in observing the human being known as Ayanokōji Kiyotaka. At least, that’s how I saw it. They weren’t merely interested in my expulsion; They wanted to prove that they were better than me. If they didn’t, ‘that man’ would never approve of them.

This was probably the thought process I would have if I was the one tasked with expelling the person known as Ayanokōji Kiyotaka. However, for someone supposedly from the White Room, her words felt a bit out-of-place.

“When I’m with you like this, Ayanokōji-senpai seems like an ordinary person to me.”

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“By that, are you saying that you normally see me as an unordinary person?”

“…No. That’s not it.”

Although Nanase denied it, I found myself wondering if that was what she truly thought.

I had met with Nanase a total of four times now, and I had noticed that strange look of hers each time. It seemed as though I was just about to find out where she had come from, but I could feel my chance to pry deeper slip away from me.

“I’m sorry, please forget I ever asked. The most important thing right now is figuring out how our classes can cooperate with each other.”

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Together, we rose up from our seats and turned to leave the library.

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As we dispersed, I remembered that there was something I wanted to ask of her.

“Come to think of it, back when we first met, you said that you’d only lose out on 240,000 private points if you lost three months’ worth of points. Why was that?”

By now, Nanase’s expression had gone back to usual, without even a trace of how it had been only moments earlier.

“Why, you ask? I simply calculated that, as long as our class maintained the 800 class points given to us upon enrollment for three months, one person would end up with 240,000 points…”

Nanase responded as if bewildered that I had even asked.

Apparently, this new batch of first-years had started out with a different sum of class points than we had.

“The number of class points we were given at the beginning of last year was 1000.”

“Eh? So you’re saying that there’s a 200 point difference then?”