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“You, father, mother, and even Jamdi’el couldn’t see ‘this guy’; you can’t even hear his voice. But ‘he’ is definitely here. “

“Eh? He is? What? No one’s here, right? What in the world, Little man… what do you think you are seeing, Little man!?”

I’ll tell you everything.

I haven’t told anyone about it for the last five months.

I didn’t even try to tell anyone.

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Because no one would believe it.

So, honestly, even if I tell Sadiz this story, she might be wondering, “Are you okay?”.

But I speak.

This was my way of settling things.

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“Do you remember, Sadiz? Five months ago… the Mansion Armory… behind the seal where the sword of the hero is… when I collapsed.”

“Eh…… yes, of course I remember.”

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“Ever since that day… I’ve been with this guy.”