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When there was a problem with the capital chain, Meng Chang naturally did everything he could to find investments to save the cold-faced lady’s fate. However, Boss Pei had sold his shares twice, and the negative news that exposed the cold-faced lady had severely affected the investors’ confidence in the cold-faced lady.

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Investors had very strict conditions: He would not get a single cent if he did not sign an infinite liability agreement.

Meng Chang was caught in between. However, he definitely could not take such money because he knew very well that if he did not take the money, he would only owe a few million yuan. If he took it, he would probably owe hundreds of millions.

In the end, the longer it dragged on, the more debt he would have to pay. The news would only be released when he could not take it anymore.

After becoming a judgment debtor, Meng Chang knew very well that the Cold-Faced Lady brand was done for. Not even God could save it.

Since that was the case, he would just play dead. The situation was already so bad that it made no difference to make it worse. In any case, he would slowly repay this debt. The other investors could do whatever they wanted.

Thus, the situation with the cold-faced lady had become a deadlock.

Li Shi was the one with the best mentality apart from He Desheng.

Li Shi had also invested a sum of money, but he had invested for a completely different reason and motive than other investors.

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Li Shi had indeed panicked when he heard that the Cold-Faced Lady was going bankrupt. However, Boss Pei’s willingness to appear had ignited Li Shi’s confidence.

As long as Boss Pei did not completely give up on a project, he could not say that it had failed completely!

The venue remained in a contradictory and subtle atmosphere, waiting for Boss Pei to arrive.

Finally, footsteps came from outside.

The door of the conference room opened. Outside, He Desheng said respectfully to a young man, “Boss Pei, everyone is here.”

Everyone in the conference room immediately stood up and looked at Boss Pei as if they were drowning and yet saw their last straw to clutch at.

Some investors had some special guesses about Boss Pei’s appearance.

The investors had already arrived in the morning. Why did Boss Pei set the time in the afternoon? Was there a special meaning behind this?

There were too many stories and riddles about Boss Pei’s background after all. Many ordinary and reasonable things that others had done had different meanings to Boss Pei.