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In the end, it was unknown which club was so loudmouthed that they told the media and made this news spread!

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This made Wu Yue very angry.

“Tell the team members, make a killing in the quarterfinals. I want you to show your all!”

“Aren’t these European and American teams looking down on us? Let them experience what cruelty is!”

January 7th, Saturday...

Pei Qian only woke up in the afternoon, feeling refreshed.

Last Friday, he had just finished a very important closed book exam. What’s more, Pei Qian felt good about himself. That was why he played games late into the night to celebrate. Today, he woke up naturally.

Pei Qian still had the last two subjects to revise this weekend. However, one was an open book while the other was a closed book exam. He should not be as stressed as before.

Pei Qian planned to relax a little. He would go to the GPL venue on Saturday to watch the competition. He would rest at home during the weekend and take some time to study a little.

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This weekend was like a festival to the E-Sports audience.

The GPL Spring Competition would officially begin this afternoon.

The schedule for the GPL’s Spring Competition was very full. After all, there were 16 teams in the entire league now, and they had to play the BO3. Thus there were competitions everyday except for Monday.

What’s more, even though there were no competitions on Monday, a review program would be arranged. It would briefly review last week’s competition and some key battles. It would also mention jokes that appeared in the competition and interact with netizens.