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“Ah, I’ll make sure to send the video to onee-chan and Tendou-senpai.”

“It ends up being a nightmare!”



Our usual routine made us laugh again.

Anyway, the student council room returned to its usual silence. …Konoha-san put her hands on her waist and announced like a student council president.

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“Well, let’s begin…the battle between the former student council and us!”

In conclusion, we didn’t spend a lot of time on this puzzle.

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Come to think of it, the only reason why Konoha-san didn’t make much progress is that there are too few hints. That Key JC Cape guy must be an idiot. I don’t know whether he’s treating the legendary hentai game like it’s Tokugawa’s Treasure. However, a game without any hints is unplayable.”

That’s why Konoha-san didn’t achieve any result for an entire year in the student council.

However, that’s why things are much easier once the first step is made.

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Konoha-san’s already a pretty smart girl. Not only can she solve the puzzles with ease, for some reason, even the questions involving hentai game-specific knowledge are also nothing to her.

There’s only one place where she can get stuck. That’s the part where associations with games are needed, just like the key mark at the start. However, that can be solved by me. Although I’m not an expert, strangely, this puzzle wasn’t really asking for your depth of knowledge. It’s more like, “Do you really love games?”

That’s why there are hints after you check a place that you’ll only do so in games. There are even puzzles that use secret cheat codes. It’s definitely not something profoundly deep. It’s like the person is just asking, “You should know the answer if you love games, right?” I was thoroughly enjoying it. It’s more like I really want to befriend whoever came up with these questions.

However, strangely, it’s hard to imagine that dumb Key JC Cape guy will include many game references. However, Konoha-san answered.