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“Yeah, that’s for sure.”

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Ichinose and her fellow group members were currently in the southwest of area E6. While the walk back to the starting area would only take about two hours, it would be fairly dangerous for her to make the trip on her own with a broken GPS.

“For the time being, it looks like we’ll have no choice but to go back.”

Shibata sounded a bit peeved, but from the tone of his voice it was obvious that he wasn’t placing the blame on Ichinose.

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Their first designated area of the day was area D5.

In other words, they’d have to move in pretty much the opposite direction of the starting area.

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So not only would she have to miss out on the valuable Arrival Bonus, but the entire group would lose out on the chance to earn any Early Bird Bonuses as well. Though Ichinose understood what she had to do, she instead looked back at the three people, Kamuro, Hashimoto, and Ninomiya, who were waiting to depart behind her.

“Well, since it’s busted I guess there’s no helping it, right Masumi-chan?”

“If you head out now, you might make it back in time for the third area.”

As Hashimoto and Kamuro chimed in, Ninomiya, a fellow classmate, also nodded along in agreement.

From what it sounded like, it didn’t seem like any of them held this against her.

Ichinose felt happy about this, but at the same time feelings of guilt began to well up inside her.

Two days earlier, on the fifth day of the exam, Ichinose’s group had taken first place in a Task that allowed groups to increase their maximum size, successfully earning the right to take on three more people. And on the sixth day, they used the GPS Searching feature to merge with Hashimoto’s group, only for trouble to strike the very next morning.

“Sorry you guys. I’ll definitely be back in time for the third designation.”