What is the software that can make money online?

What is the software that can make money online?

Tian Mo had met Boss Pei many times so he could naturally recognize him even though he was wearing a mask.

Tian Mo immediately understood when he saw Boss Pei’s pretending not to know him.

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Boss Pei is here to inspect and test my results!

I will definitely follow Boss Pei’s instructions and receive the customers well. I cannot disappoint Boss Pei!

Tian Mo immediately perked up and revised the sales rules that Boss Pei had repeatedly instructed him to in his heart to ensure that nothing would go wrong.

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Yao Bo casually pointed at the bickering machine beside him. “I want to buy this. Introduce it to me.”

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Tian Mo took a look. Yao Bo was referring to the first generation of the Bickering Machine, which did not have an echo wall or intelligent voice assistant. It was only a “mechanical bickering machine” and not a “smart bickering” version.

Boss Pei had never taught him how to introduce this bickering machine.

However, Tian Mo had already figured it out after so long. He had long learned how to draw inferences. He figured out how to reply after thinking for a while.

“Hello, what you’re looking at now is the original version of our Bickering Machine. It’s also the basic version.”

“This version of the Bickering Machine only has a pure mechanical structure. It can only be placed as an interesting toy or ornament. It is not very fun to play with it in the long term.”

“I don’t recommend you to spend on impulse. It would be best if you buy it after you confirm that you really need it and like it very much.”

Tian Mo glanced at Boss Pei after he finished speaking.

Boss Pei nodded silently. He immediately felt relieved.

It looked like Boss Pei was quite satisfied!