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Thank you for supporting me for such a long time.

Please look forward to Sekina Aoi-sensei’s next work.

Well, see you!

-This is how this afterword should’ve ended.

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For some reason, I was told that there will only be 2 pages. Yep.

…2 pages, 2 pages, …< Seitokai >, …ugh, this hurts my brain…!

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There are an additional 16 pages to this afterword. 18 in total.

…What the hell? Hey, what the hell?

Well, as a summary, let me explain how this whole afterword system works.

Basically, all of Fantasia’s novels use a 16-page unit. However, you can’t end the story perfectly that way every time. So, adjustments are made using afterwords or advertisements.

However, I’m a man that hates ads (This sounds pretty cool!). Also, I’m an author that can’t decide how many words are in the main content (This sounds pretty lame!). So, basically, I can’t adjust with afterwords. In the end, I put it a lot more than I should be.

The most affected series is < Student Council’s Discretion >. Nearly all of the afterwords in that series exceed 10 pages. Being annoyed with long afterwords almost became my specialty (but I didn’t mean it on purpose every time).

So, here’s the final volume…with a 2-page afterword only. A series that’s famous for long afterwords have 2 pages only. …It’s because I realized that this won’t work. So, with a face that looked like I’m about to quit, I asked for another 16 pages while trembling. I wrapped all of the responsibilities onto myself. So, there’s where we ended in, the theoretically highest afterword pages possible, 18.

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Well, let’s get back on track. This is the end of < Gamers! >.

At this point, the devil number of “2” appeared in front of me again.

Hiya, I done goofed up. There are way too many afterword pages in < Gamers! > Although the standard is a bit weird, it shouldn’t end up like < Seitokai >.

So, I didn’t expect this devil-like number to appear here. …I never thought that I’ll only have 2 pages.