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Pei Qian had given him an ‘imperial sword’, allowing him to rat out his employees or immediately fire people. Pei Qian naturally had to befriend him so that it was easier to keep in contact.

In the end, Ye Zhizhou had not contacted him to talk about firing others but had asked him a question regarding one of the games.

Pei Qian reread the question once again.

Question: Getting rid of the purchase options of the game would make the ballers unhappy; how could we resolve this issue?

This was understandable. Bloody Battle Song was a game with paywalls, and ballers might have spent thousands or ten thousand on this game to suppress all others when it came to battle power.

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If ‘plonk’ and the purchase options in the game were removed and they were no longer going to experience the satisfaction of killing people at whim, wouldn’t they rage and ask for a refund and quit playing this game?

Of course, Pei Qian was never going to allow for a refund.

Every debt has a debt collector. This money had been collected by Du Ruijie; you guys should look for him for the money.

As for quitting the game…

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That would be fantastic; please do so!

Boss Pei didn’t care about such people who threw money at him and his company. He still maintained the same stance: People wanted to donate money to Tengda? Dream on!

You ballers can either be obedient and become players who didn’t pay a cent or stop playing this game.

Yes, that would be perfect!