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「Fool, you’ve let your guard down!〈Snake Bite〉- OOOH!」

Rahm-san suddenly sprung up, and shot a huge snake, which was kneaded with a large amount of poison, at a tremendous speed.

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「Close the time for all eternity -〈Ice Wall〉!」

A huge wall of countless layers of thin ice folds blocked its way.

The venomous snake that was unleashed at the perfect timing and at point blank range – lost against the Ice Wall.

「N-No way…!」

The difference in power was so great that Rahm-san lost his words.

「Oi Oi…That last blow was a surprise attack, wasn’t it? How unsightly! E”e!」

The moment Sid-san snapped his fingers.

Ice Wall turned into countless lumps of ice and mowed down Rahm-san with tremendous force.

「Ah, ga…」

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His right leg was pierced, and his ultimate attack was easily defended. Riddled with wounds all over, physically and mentally exhausted, and shot all over by the blizzard of ice lumps, he slowly collapsed.

「W-W-What An Outcome? The victor of『Vanguard』vs.『Vice General』is Sid Euclius of Ice King Academy!」

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As the commentator tried to liven up the venue,

「Way to go, Ice King Academy!」

「I didn’t think a vanguard would beat a vice-general…!」

「I think we can expect something special at next year’s Sword King Festival!」

The audience couldn’t seem to hide their excitement at the unexpected『good game(gg)』.