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As a game UP Master, Qiao Liang could see many mature design concepts from the design of this project.

The basic gameplay of this project was actually rather primitive. It was basically a cat and mouse game with the packaging of Be Quiet. However, when compared to many escape rooms and other haunted house projects, its biggest advantage was in two main points: replayability and moderate sense of horror.

Most escape rooms and haunted houses had the same layouts due to space constraints. One would not want to experience it a second time after one played with it once. However, Desperate Escape was a multiplayer game. Each entry was guaranteed to be different through the random refresh of decryption spell positions.

The staff acting as a lunatic would cooperate in the game according to the different reactions. Every action was random and elusive. The heart rate change of every player was different. They became ‘out of control’ at different times; their actions after becoming Tout of control’ were different which would affect the overall situation. Therefore, players would need to adopt different strategies every time they played.

This project was moderately scary but was not so scary that people would not dare to participate. In fact, the game hinted through the atmosphere it created—such as the staff acting as a lunatic, the horror BGM, etc.—to the tourists to be always careful when looking for decryption spells. They should observe and quickly find a place to hide when the BGM approached.

At the same time, the staff moved very slowly and would not really catch people. Moreover, the visibility of the place was not too bad so they would not be overly frightened.

Therefore, even a timid person like Qiao Liang could also stick throughout the process and have fun.

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Qiao Liang himself was a loyal ‘Be Quiet’ player. In his opinion, this project simplified the complicated gameplay in the game and was more suitable for offline plays. In short, such a fun project only cost 10 yuan per try. He would feel it a waste not to play three or four times!

Qiao Liang looked towards the end of the line. There seemed to be hundreds of people in line The estimated waiting time was probably going to be more than an hour.

“There are already so many people? Will the queue for this project be at least three hours in the future?” A fan exclaimed.

Qiao Liang shook his head. “Not necessarily. It is normal to have many people in the near future. The Thriller Hostel did their advertisements after all. Many locals in Jingzhou came to experience it. The key was to wait for the first crowd of people to pass to see if such a fever would remain. That is the key to subsequent profitability.” Everyone pondered on this for a moment, thinking that it made sense.

Many haunted houses and amusement parks were very popular when they first opened. However, whether they could survive for long or not would depend on its ability to sustain the crowd after the initial popularity.