What can I do if I can make money for a long time?

What can I do if I can make money for a long time?

「Aa, they already thoroughly looked into me. ”If you achieve『Norma』, if you capture a monster called phantom spirit, we’ll give you an entire country. Doesn’t sound too bad to live there with Serena, right? You can let it rain and rain as much as you like,“ were the details of the deal.」

The Curse of Rain that was inflicted on Serena.

The position Rain was placed in.

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They seem to have brought up this deal after knowing everything about their circumstances.

「It didn’t take long for me to make a decision. It is impossible for an individual to rule an entire country. However, with the『Black Organization』at my back, it becomes a different story! And I took a vow. To make Serena happy, including the portion of the children who died!」

After a long talk, Rain exhaled loudly.

「After that, as you know, Dagrio was changed to『Rainy Country』… This is all I have to say.」

Sympathy and pity, an indescribable atmosphere dominated the place.

I raised my voice to drown out that atmosphere.

「If that’s the case, I might be able to do something about it.」

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「…What do you mean?」

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「My darkness cures everything except diseases. Naturally, it can cure the curse of a monster.」

「D-Don’t lie! There has never been a single case of a curse being dispelled in the world! Even the rare『recovery-type soul dress』couldn’t do it!」

「E-Even if you say that… I can still dispel it.」