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“I know it too! While I do, …however, you’ll have to pay attention to those tantalizing countdown notice at first hand, and then get disappointed at first hand!”

“Look, you knew you’re going to be disappointed! If that’s the case, please just talk about my relationship problems!”

“But senpai, there’s roughly a 2%!c(MISSING)hance that it’s something exciting!”

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“I guess that’s right! But is talking about my relationship issues less important than that 2%!p(MISSING)ossibility!”

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“Indeed, honestly, this is why I can’t decide.”

“Is it that hard to decide…”

“So, …senpai?”

Suddenly, Konoha-san leaned forward from the table and forced me to see her plumpy chest in full view. She even looked up to me, …is she…

“…I’ll be thrilled if you can chat with me as you walk me home.”

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“Hmm, uh, but, walking a girl home is too much for a guy that has a girlfriend-“

“No, senpai, aren’t you ‘single’ right now?”


Keita Amano’s chest took severe damage. What is this? I’m not upset about being alone in my loner phase, but when I had Tendou-san as my attractive girlfriend before, the word ‘single’ hurts way harder. What’s wrong with me? This hurts.

So, I decided to accept Konoha-san’s request since I’m so defeated.