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“Be careful,” whispered the other in his ear. “We mustn't make a noise, because Rodney will need quiet to hear them.”

Montague saw that the cord was jerking again. Bates spelled out the letters one by one.

“W-a-t-e-r-m-a-n. D-u-v-a-l. He's telling us who's there. David Ward. Hegan. Prentice.”

“Prentice!” whispered Montague. “Why, he's up in the Adirondacks!”

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“He came down on a special train to-day,” whispered the other. “Ward telegraphed him—I think that's where we got our tip. Henry Patterson. He's the real head of the Oil Trust now. Bascom of the Empire Bank. He's Waterman's man.”

“You can imagine from that list that there's something big going on,” Bates muttered; and he spelled the names of several other bankers, heads of the most important institutions in Wall Street.

“Talking about Stewart,” spelled out Rodney.

“That's ancient history,” muttered Bates. “He's a dead one.”

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“P-r-i-c-e,” spelled Rodney.

“Price!” exclaimed Montague.

“Yes,” said the other. “I saw him down in the lobby. I rather thought he'd come.”

“But to a conference with Waterman!” exclaimed Montague.

“That's all right,” said Bates. “Why not?”

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“But they are deadly enemies!”

“Oh,” said the other, “you don't want to let yourself believe things like that.”