Is it true that the game can be said to make money?

Is it true that the game can be said to make money?

Chen Yufeng thanked him again and again before preparing to head to FV Club. He would choose two or three of the more eloquent professional players recommended by Wu Yue as the unofficial commentator of the ICL league.

Originally, it was very difficult for him to be an unofficial commentator. Whether it was OB or commentary, it was a very professional thing. If he did not do any details well, it would be very easy for the official platform to press him to the ground.

However, now that he had the strong support of Tengda E-Sports and FV Club, Chen Yufeng realized that this matter was actually so simple. He could just run errands!

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Chen Yufeng could not help but feel emotional. “Boss Pei is still the best. He planned ahead and achieved twice the results with half the effort!”

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“If he had not planned the GPL league and invested in FV Club, how could things have gone so smoothly?”

“Indeed, standing at the top enables one to view things on a higher level. Where you end up really depends on your vision. The field of vision determines success or failure! Boss Pei’s station is too high. It would be difficult not to succeed!”

March 18th, Sunday.

Bunny Tail Live-Streaming ICL league’s live-streaming platform. The three commentators were dressed in suits and wore their headphones. They chatted as they sorted out the various data on the table.

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The competition had only started ten minutes ago. The three commentators were already in position, ready to start today’s performance.

Chen Yufeng had made a trip to Wu Yue’s FV Club yesterday and selected two of the best-talented commentators who had done live-streams and had a certain number of fans to be the commentators for today’s competition.

These two players were originally in FV Team’s second team. Their strengths were not bad but the five people in the first team were too strong. There were not many chances for them to get onto the stage.

What’s more, they were not young anymore. Their reactions had slowed down and their energy had decreased. They could not keep up with the pace of the professional competition and had been struggling with their future.

The commentary this time was a good test for Bunny Tail Live-Stream and the two players.

If the effect was good, they could continue commenting. If the effect was not good, these two players could consider returning to play professionals or just retire to live-stream.

Since it was their first day of commentating, they might not be that familiar with the game. Thus, they arranged for a veteran controller from the GPL to guide them. This controller did not have a high understanding of IOI’s game but he was still very good at grasping the rhythm of the commentator. With him around, the rhythm of the three would not deviate.

This morning, while the two newly-promoted commentators were trying out their chemistry, the official staff of Bunny Tail Live-Stream obtained first-hand information about the competition team. There were a total of more than ten pages of data, which were provided to the live commentator.

These data included the players’ habitual heroes, common tactics, and some detailed habits. It could be said that they provided good data support for the commentary work. In addition, the understanding of the game of the two active professional players would definitely be able to dig out more details of the competition.