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“Oh yeah. That too~ You’ve gotta buy the stuff you’ll make for me. Do you have the points~?”

“I should.”

In truth, I really didn’t have all that many left, but I wouldn’t say anything unnecessary like that in front of one of my underclassmen.

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“Good! I don’t need to hold back then~ Lemme see… I think I heard my classmates say that they sell all the essentials here, but… I wonder where the shopping baskets are~?”

Instead of heading for the supermarket, Amasawa walked straight into ‘Hamming’, a shop specialized in selling home goods and other daily necessities, and picked up a blue shopping basket that she had found near the entrance.

The words ‘That too~’ that she had said earlier weighed on my mind.

Although I knew I was supposed to cook her a meal, did this mean that there was something else I had to do other than buying ingredients?

Amasawa stopped by the section where the kitchenware was on display.

This brought back memories of how, when I first enrolled here, I had made several trips to this very store to buy all of the things I needed.

It wasn’t just the school’s students who made use of these supplies, but also the faculty members and the employees who worked in the cafeteria or the cafes around campus, so the store had a particularly large section set aside for kitchenware. I could remember the first time I came here and how it was difficult to find what I was looking for right away.

From the look of it, they had come out with an assortment of new products since my last visit a long time ago.

Perhaps the fact that Amasawa had stopped by here meant that she was looking to buy some specific specialized equipment or something? After all, the store had peelers, graters, mortars, and countless other cooking utensils. Given all of the variety, there were naturally several that I didn’t own as well. Either way, it was just weird that she hadn’t bothered to run any of this by me. It made sense to me that she’d at least check to see which utensils I did or didn’t have first. Considering our current time constraints, it would’ve been easy for her to ask me about it as we walked together, but…

I held back my desire to ask her about it, allowing Amasawa to remain in control for the time being.

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I opted to try and bring up a subject that had nothing to do with cooking utensils.

“Have you done any cooking of your own before, Amasawa?”

“Me? Not at all. I’m not the type to just whip up a meal on my own. I’m the kinda girl who’d rather let others cook for me than make things for myself.”

She explained such before stopping in her tracks, having apparently arrived at her destination.

The journey so far had gone without a hitch. She looked away from me, fixing her eyes upon the shelf of goods in front of us.