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QQ in the online version of the money is not criminalized

Chiaki pressed her chest in relief. I can’t help but mumble after seeing her like that.

“Ay, of course, the messages with NOBE and Mono has always spiritually supported me. Moreover, I’m actually thrilled when I get to chat with you in real life as well…”

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I feel like Ms. Chiaki’s blushing really hard, and she’s even staring at me with a hopeful look.

I hastily shook my head and distanced myself away from her!

“If you think I’m lowering my guard, then you’re dead wrong! Nasty girl!”

“Keita, don’t you think your cold treatment is a bit too much! E-Even if you’re doing the right thing as Tendou-san’s boyfriend, but I feel like your personality is slowly corrupting!”

“B-But, Chiaki, aren’t you trying to have sex with me whenever you have a chance?”

I wrapped my arms around my body as I shiver. Chiaki’s face immediately flared up as she yelled at me!

“I-I’m not! Please don’t think of me as Konoha!”

“You’re not supposed to say that, right. I can’t believe that’s how you view your little sister…”

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“S-Shut up! Keita, you’re overly self-conscious right now, anyway!”

“B-But, Chiaki-san, you’re interested in me, right?”